Studio Information

I keep my studio at about a dozen students.  This does not include adults who are in and out as time permits.

My piano and harp students consistently win scholarships, and competitions, and receive high marks in festivals.

Students are not required to participate in competitions or festivals but are encouraged to do so.

Some students prefer pop music, and that’s OK. I do like to follow the standard repertoire. I use a combination of Faber, Schaum, Alfred, Shaak, and Carol Matz. For pop music, I prefer arrangements by Chrissy Ricker.

Online students participate in virtual master classes and video recitals if they so choose.

Harp specialties include hand position, tone, and good practice techniques.

Adult harp students are not required to participate in recitals, although they are encouraged to do so. Most adult harp students already play at hospitals or in church environments.