ALL STUDENTS – please submit your video to me by October 20 for the Halloween Virtual Recital.  Any piece you are comfortable with. Costumes optional. Release Date: October 31 via unlisted YouTube.

November 12, 2022      Final day to accept videos for the November Student Recital: Let’s Dance! sponsored by MAPTA.  Not the same recital as above.

November 20, 2022     Premier Day for the student recital of “Let’s Dance!” on MAPTA YouTube Channel (all online students invited!)

March 5, 2023 Honors & Trophy Track Auditions (Milwaukee only)

March 19,2023 (Milwaukee only)
Junior Honors Recital & Honors Recitals at Mount Mary University

Publication Contest  (Houston Area)   Jan 6, 2023

Spring Master Class    (Houston Area) TBD    $10

Piano Contest  (Houston)  March 4, 2023

Piano Auditions (Milwaukee) March 5, 2023

Spring Festival (Houston Area)   TBD    $15