Intro and Modalities

My husband and I worked with two rescue groups in the Houston area until it became too much emotionally.  We’re taking a break currently. We worked with senior, health challenged dogs  This blog serves as my diary.  It is not meant to prescribe, nor advise.  It’s just my diary.  I have a certification in veterinary homeopathy and gemmotherapy which I use for my own pets and fosters. I’m also an advanced Reiki practitioner.  I use Reiki on myself, my own pets, my friends and their pets. I had a major breakthrough with the use of cell salts on an older Afghan with terrible ear infections, thus the name of this blog.This Blog is also here to pass on information about excellent sources of holistic care for animals.

Cell salts, sometimes known as tissue salts, were developed by Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler 1821 – 1889. They consist of the very basic minerals that our cells depend on for balance.

My go-to book on the subject:   (Lennon and Rolfe)

Links to cell salts papers and information.

Schuessler’s Tissue Salts – A Medicine Chest for the Whole Family

I enjoy doing business with the Celletech Company, located in Wisconsin.  They provide the remedies in amber glass bottles, which you can either recycle or use for something else when done.  They offer a huge selection of homeopathic remedies.

There is another quick chart HERE on cell salts.

Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation HERE.

There is a biography of Dr. Schuessler HERE

Gemmotherapy is helpful in getting rid of toxins.  It is the use of young shoots, stems and buds of plants. The gemmos that I use are from Gemmos LLC:

Dr. Blake’s web site is – he offers several modalities, and his philosophy is superb.

There is a great book on this modality by Dr. Steven Blake.  His book is available at Amazon:

Homeopathy:  under construction

These ideas are not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care.  Please make an appointment with your veterinarian when your pet is ill or when you sense something is just not right.  If your pet has a chronic ailment, you may do well to research some of the ideas in this blog for your pet’s health as an addition to good veterinary care.

I’m a professional harpist and also own a harp print music specialty store, called “Melody’s Traditional Music”.  (  It is named after a beloved Afghan Hound named Melody (1987 – 1998).  We also publish harp music ( I earned my certificate in veterinary homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy August 2008, and am currently completing the diploma course from the same institution. My experience with cell salts is that they are excellent for very depleted dogs. Since we rescue, very unfortunately we see this a lot. Often in these cases, the Dog must be built up from the very core of their physical, emotional and spiritual Being. Cell salts help with this. One of our rescues, Augusta, was one such case. Kidney disease, HW positive, severe and resistant ear infections, maggots under her matted fur, bad teeth, and more from being left out in the Texas heat for 5 months with little food or water. Cell salts helped her tremendously.  I have also used cell salts on our cat’s abscesses, and after TPLO surgery on Mendelssohn, a cow dog mix who surprisingly, after years of good health, tore up his knee while simply running in the back yard. I am a proponent of cooked or raw food, and also use high quality kibble.  I am not in a position at this time to do any consultations, as I have a regular job :-)  You are welcome to ask me questions, however.

–Mary Radspinner

I do not diagnose or treat any type of dis-ease. The energy work I do is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please go to your doctor if you have a medical condition that persists. The work that I do is supportive, and should not be your only form of self-care or care for your pet.  Nothing replaces the knowledge and advice of a good veterinarian.

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