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Partial List:

3 Baroque Pieces for Lap Harp

Three refreshing arrangements for 26-String or Lap Harp. $4.00

3 Patriotic Pieces for Harp

These three famous songs are arranged for lever harp to be played as a solo or to accompany a majority of singers with alto voices. $6.00

A Carol Collection Book

This collection celebrates 6 carols for the Christmas Season. $6.00

Banish Misfortune Book

Contains harp arrangements of the tunes on the Banish Misfortune CD with additional bowed psaltery parts and fiddle parts. $15.00

Christmas with Friends Book

Refreshing arrangements of eight familiar Christmas songs. $15.00

Girls & Whistles

In response to St. Patrick’s Day requests, Mary Radspinner came up with this collection of trios for harp and two winds, a combination of whistle, flute or alto flute. The harp parts are relatively easy, the wind parts not necessarily so.


My Holy Week Book

Fourteen interesting and accessible hymn tunes (six with flute/harmony parts) for lever or pedal harp. Tunes are in the keys of A, D, G, C and F, with less than a handful of lever changes. Harmony parts sound great on the violin, too! INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. $10.00

St.Brigid Flame Book

Concert arrangements of music performed by Saint Brigid’s Flame as on the CD of the same title. $25.00

The Foggy Dew

Transcribed from the Foggy Dew CD. Rhythms are interesting and innovative. Songs are in the keys of Em, G, D, C, and Eb. Clean notation, spiral binding, guitar chords, intermediate  level. $15.00

Red Sequins Trio

Transcribed from the solo version, a bluesy and fun trio. $8.00