Chat from PlayDate Nov. 1st at 1pm

13:02:37 From Mary Radspinner :

Indian Rain Song – Sarrah
13:11:05 From Mary Radspinner : Very good and steady rhythm!
13:11:24 From Stephanie : I liked the strength and dynamics 🙂
13:11:31 From Devi : That was impressive for only a few months! I loved your rhythms and dynamics!

Favorite Musical Group
13:13:44 From Devi : twoset violin

Toccatina – Devi
13:15:24 From Mary Radspinner : This piece is by Robert Vandall. It is very chordal.
13:16:37 From Sarrah : you played that very beautifully
13:17:05 From Stephanie : I liked how it flowed well and the notes were well prepared

The Lute Player – Stephanie
13:20:06 From Mary Radspinner : Gillock – THe Lute Player. Very nice phrasing.
13:20:47 From Devi P : I’ve actually played this piece before and you played it way better than I did! That was beautiful and I loved your phrasing.
13:21:02 From Sarrah : i liked the dynamics and the song was very beautiful overall
13:21:29 From Stephanie Grazelle Isayis : thanks 🙂

My Pony – Sarrah
13:21:46 From Mary Radspinner : My Pony – Sarrah
13:22:01 From Mary Radspinner : Good steady rhythm Sarrah!
13:22:56 From Sarrah : thank you
13:23:39 From Stephanie : I loved how you brought out the melody more than the accompaniment

An Old Valentine – Devi
13:24:30 From Mary Radspinner : An Old Valentine by Gillock. Played by Devi
13:25:04 From Mary Radspinner : I can tell you really like this piece. It has beautiful chords.
13:25:12 From Sarrah : i really liked the rhythm
13:25:32 From Stephanie : great phrasing, smooth, and beautiful flow throughout the song
13:25:35 From Devi P : Thanks everyone!

Waltzing Matilda – Stephanie
13:28:53 From Mary Radspinner : Waltzing Matilda – Australian Folk Song. Very famous – it’s like the national anthem of Australia.
13:30:06 From Mary Radspinner : She is playing theme and 3 variations.
13:30:39 From Mary Radspinner : 3rd variation is improv on the RH.
13:31:28 From Mary Radspinner : Actually I think it is theme, 2 variations and then the theme returns.
13:31:53 From Devi P : it sounded really beautiful and I thought it was really neat how you used a lead sheet!
13:32:34 From Devi P : I also loved how you used the pedal!
13:32:36 From Sarrah : it did sound very pretty and i liked how it flowed so smoothly

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