Chat from Halloween NOON Play Date

about the duet
12:10:24 From Mark V : Great rhythm (referring to the duet)

12:10:31 From Mary R : I love duets!
12:10:44 From Lina L (about the duet) : it is cool that they are playing together
12:10:45 From Janelle (toward duet): that was amazing

Olivia – Minka

12:12:34 From Lina L : it has a lot of notes and i love it
12:12:43 From Mark V: Ooh very sinister. I like it


12:16:15 From Lina L : that is a very beautiful song
12:16:15 From Mark V : Very nice


12:22:01 From Mary R : Hedwig – I liked when you started the third time. It was quieter and spookier!

Recreations by Czerny

12:22:38 From Mary R: Karl Czerny composed during the romantic period I think! Mark you rhythm is very very good.
12:22:41 From Lina L : good tempo
12:24:55 From Lina L: i love this song

Medieval Piper
12:25:21 From Mary R : Ohh – great trill in Medieval Piper
12:25:41 From JESLYN : very nice

River Runs In You

12:29:14 From Lina L beautiful
12:30:54 From Sophia : that was rly good

12:33:45 From Mary R : GLobetrotter – I can tell that song has lots of notes! CHromatics and your dynamics are very good!
12:34:15 From Lina L to Mary Radspinner(Privately) : that is a hard song
12:36:47 From Lina L to Mary Radspinner(Privately) : wow awesome


12:38:57 From Lina L to Mary Radspinner(Privately) : amazing awesome good great

12:42:16 From JESLYN : Thank you so much for hosting this. It’s fun and we enjoyed it
12:42:30 From Janelle : happy halloween
12:42:43 From Sophia : thank you for letting us play and meet eachother
12:43:02 From JESLYN : Happy Halloween

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